August Burns Red/Texas in July Drummers to Host Drum Day Clinic

Posted by on March 18, 2013

Next Saturday (23), GreinerKilmer Customs, a drum company owned by August Burns Red drummer Matt Greiner and his partner Kaleb Kilmer, will be hosting Drum Day at the School of Rock in Fort Washington, PA. With them, they are bringing drummers Adam Gray of Texas in July and Grant McFarland (ex-This or The Apocalypse). The day will feature clinics performed by all of the drummers, a drum solo contest for those in attendance, a tuning seminar by drum tech Mason Hunt, a performance by School of Rock students and Lancaster, PA band Bells, and a four-man drum solo featuring all of the drummers and one of Greiner’s ten-year old students. Metal Insider contributor Alex Rudisill got the chance to speak with Greiner and Kilmer about how the event came to be.

GreinerKilmer was founded in the summer of 2011 after both Matt Greiner and Kaleb Kilmer had discussed the possibility of starting their own drum company. “I showed him a photo of a drum I had built out of broken drumsticks,” Kaleb said. “It was the first I’d built and he suggested we start building drums together!” While Matt was playing on the VANS Warped Tour, Kaleb stayed home to perfect the design of their now-signature snare drum. They built 20 snares that summer and have continued to thrive, shipping their instruments all around the world.

“We started planning Drum Day last November and have been working ever since,” says Greiner. “Seeing as it’s our first year doing the conference, I wanted to include friends who are super talented and very inspirational to so many people.”

Kilmer explained, “We picked Adam and Grant because they’re friends of ours, and they’re great musicians. Adam knows so much about drumming and groove, and Grant knows so much about recording and writing we figured the two of them, in addition to Matt, would be a great team of judges and hosts at the event.” McFarland is also the co-owner of Atrium Audio in Lancaster, PA, who’s clients include August Burns Red, Texas in July, and This or The Apocalypse.

During one of his lessons with Matt, ten-year old Travis Harwick was asked to participate in the four-man drum solo happening at Drum Day with Greiner, Gray, and McFarland. “We get together as often as we can in between him touring,” said Travis, who also attends the School of Rock in Fort Washington. “We work on linear beats, double bass beats and a lot of really cool stuff and what Matt calls ‘Greiner’s Grinds.’” On getting to rehearse with all of the drummers last week, Travis said, “It was a total blast! We were writing the solo and spent some time learning some cool tips from everyone.”

“We just want to get drummers from the area together and have a good time talking drums and music!” says Kilmer. “To build the local drum scene and inspire drummers to dream bigger,” adds Greiner.


Tickets are $20 for spectators and $30 if you wish to compete in the drum competition, with the grand prize of a GK signature snare. They can be purchased here.

For more information on the event, check out the GreinerKilmer website, the official event page, and this video of Adam Gray.


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