Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum to debut Sasquatch opera

Posted by on March 20, 2015

In a recent interview with Noisey, Faith No More keyboardist spoke a bit about his upcoming “Sasquatch” opera, which will be the first time that Roddy Bottum dives into the musical theater world.

Bottum explains:

“It’s not a traditional opera—it’s more like weird little operettas. I grew up in L.A., but I moved to New York specifically to get into opera, and I had this preposterous idea for a Sasquatch love story. I wrote the story, I wrote the music, and we’re gonna premiere it next month. It’s just gonna be three scenes from the opera, but then I’m gonna elaborate on it and build it into a bigger production.”

Bottum will make his debut at Roulette in Brooklyn, NY on April 2nd, presented by Experiments in Opera. The instrumentation for the piece differs only slightly from your typical Faith No More record, which will include, “timpani, trumpets, synthesizer and drum machine.”

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