Exodus Preparing A “3 Guitar Attack” For Belgium’s Graspop Festival

Posted by on May 10, 2012

Last week, it was revealed that former guitarist Rick Hunolt would be playing with Exodus during their upcoming touring commitments in place of Gary Holt, who will once again be filling in for Jeff Hanneman in Slayer. As exciting as it is to see Hunolt back onstage with Exodus, some might be bummed about not actually getting to see the Exodus “H-Team” (as Holt and Hunolt have been referred to as) in full effect. Well, fans attending this year’s Graspop Metal Meeting festival are in for a treat.

It’s been confirmed that Gary Holt will be able to join Exodus during their set at the Graspop Metal Meeting festival in Belgium on June 23. Thus, Exodus are planning a special “3 guitar attack” performance, featuring Holt, Hunolt and current guitarist Lee Altus. Unfortunately for fans not going to the Belgium festival, this as of now appears to be the only date the three guitarists will perform at together. Here’s hoping that changes soon, though.

In case you plan on attending this year’s Graspop (or have the sudden urge to book a flight to Belgium), more information about the festival can be seen via its website. Video of Exodus performing “Impaler” with Hunolt, ex-bassist Jeff Andrews and ex-guitarist Kirk Hammett (who now plays in some thrash band called Metallica) at the Bonded By Baloff: A Decade Of Remembrance benefit show last February can be seen after the jump.


[picture taken by Raymond Ahner]

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