As you may recall, Anthrax’s Scott Ian hyped a show by the Satan’s Lounge Band a few weeks ago, which many, including us, deduced was a club show from the band on the eve of the release of their new album, Worship Music. It was confirmed this past weekend that the bnad will indeed perform a “secret” show on September 12 at the Best Buy Theater in New York City as Satan’s Lounge Band. The show will take place right after Charlie Benante and Frank Bello’s free clinic with David Ellefson, Mike Portnoy, and Kerry King.

While admission is free, the show is open to only those who pre-order Worship Music via Best Buy. Those who pre-ordered the album will receive a code with their confirmation email, which they will need to enter via this website to redeem a ticket.

Fellow Anthrax nerds will recognize the “Satan’s Lounge Band” name from a b-side that appeared on Among The Living. Some may have been fortunate enough to catch Anthrax perform as their alias the first time around back in the late 80’s. As to how Anthrax came up with the idea to perform as the Satan’s Lounge Band, guitarist Scott Ian told Blabbermouth the following:

“We played a couple of shows at L’Amour [in Brooklyn, New York] in… I wanna say ’88 or ’89. I’m not sure exactly which year. But we played two or three nights at L’Amour back then under the name Satan’s Lounge Band, because it was at that time things were already kind of blowing up for us, so we had pretty much stopped playing at L’Amour, but wanted to go back there and do these shows for our fans. So we announced it as Satan’s Lounge Band and kept it like a secret thing. It was the only time we had ever done it, and it was fun and it was cool. So when this came around — the idea of doing some type of gig before the Yankee Stadium [‘Big Four’] show [on September 14], and basically throwing a 30th-anniversary party for ourselves in New York City… We’ve basically been telling people, ‘Oh, yes, we’re having this 30th-anniversary party for Anthrax and we’ve got this Anthrax cover band called Satan’s Lounge Band — they’re the best Anthrax cover band you’ve ever seen; literally down to the goatee they really nail it.”

As to whether the Satan’s Lounge Band will premiere any new music off of Worship Music, Ian said “We could actually say that they’re such a great cover band that they actually know more of the new [Anthrax] material and they might be debuting it.” We’ll take that as a “yes” then.