Rammstein Playing First American Show In A Decade

Posted by on September 24, 2010

It’s been a while since Rammstein played a show in America. 10 years, to be exact. Not only have they been able to make tons of money playing European festivals, but their pyrotechnics-heavy show wouldn’t be permitted in most venues in America. However, according to a picture  on their website, the German band will be playing a one-off show in New York City on December 11 at Madison Square Garden. Guitarist Richard Kruspe recently spoke to the Seattle Gay News, where he said MSG would be a dream gig for the band.

What we plan to do right now, is a lot of things – we’re not 20 anymore, so things have changed for us. At the moment, it looks like America is the only market where we cannot provide the same show as we play in the rest of the world. [1, see footnotes at the end of the article] So, we have to be balanced, like, what makes financial sense? One of my dreams is Madison Square Garden – just to play one show and to feel out, like, if there is a need for us, are people waiting for us, what can we do, what would be the next step? It can change, nothing is set in stone, nothing is confirmed, but we’ve talked about what’s the best thing, so the fans are happy and the band is happy. But I’m a big supporter of the American market.


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