White WizzardBut he stole my bag. No, she left it there. Well he called me a name. Well that’s what he said. While the drama surrounding White Wizzard is petty and thoroughly confusing, one thing is now certainly clear. Earache Records has no time for it and has dropped White Wizzard from its roster.

Unfortunately, the record label kibosh hasn’t slowed down the band’s reaction time or set anyone in their place. Since the announcement, Jon Leon has already fired off a Facebook post entitled, “Jon Leon of White Wizzard-my advice on dealing with record labels for new bands.”

White Wizzard announced they were being pulled off tour just two days ago with things going downhill from the prior alleged bag-stealing incident with former vocalist Joseph Michael. But don’t worry, the bag subject still hasn’t been dropped. Guitarist Will Wallner gave a statement to Metal Sucks saying the accused theft actually involved a 17-year-old girl leaving her belongings at their merch table and then they held it until their next return to London to give it back to her. While this makes more sense, who knows what really happened and why we should really care.

Either way, Michael was booted from the band who now has no label. By the time the drama does subside , the band White Wizzard may just end up a flash in the past of bands who just couldn’t get along and never lived long enough to tell the tale.