Trash Talk’s bassist takes down drone

Posted by on August 12, 2014


One thing you know that you’ll never be at a Trash Talk show is bored. Whether it’s a guy peeing in his own mouth at a show in Australia or a drone getting knocked out of the air by their bassist, there’s always something going on. Wait, huh? Yeah, this past weekend, photographer Harry Arnold of Detroit Drone had been hired to shoot a skateboarding event in Detroit that Trash Talk was playing. As you can see from the unique footage, the drone is doing a pretty good job of capturing the show until bassist Spencer Pollard throws several beer cans at the drone, eventually connecting and bringing it down.

While it’s definitely punk rock to take down a drone, it’s not good etiquette. Arnold didn’t appreciate it, calling Pollard’s throwing a “limp-wristed toss” in the YouTube description and stating that his GoPro and his drone were damaged. While photography blog PetaPixel obviously is sympathetic to Arnold, there’s a debate going on in the YouTube comments about whether flying a drone to film a punk band without filming them is just inviting them to knock it down. Some are claiming it’s just a publicity stunt done for exposure. Arnold said the promoter claimed that they’ll cover the cost of his GoPro and drone, so everyone wins.

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