Deicide’s Glen Benton responds to Broken Hope’s tour firing allegations

Posted by on October 28, 2013

deicideLast week after Broken Hope were kicked off tour by Deicide, they made their side of the story heard via Facebook, alleging everything from hissy fits to jaw-breaking threats by Deicide frontman Glen Benton to j. The sudden news of Broken Hope being dismissed from the tour came shortly after a crazed maniac cut up three fans with a box cutter on one of the tour stops.

Now Benton is giving his side. According to Metal Sucks’ podcast, who had an exclusive interview with him, Benton is chalking it up to “rock star bullshit” including disputes over parking spaces and Broken Hope trying to claim the tour as their own. Benton said he offered to allow Broken Hope back on the tour if they retracted initial statements about being asked to leave.

Benton relates a lot of the problems to Broken Hope bassist Shaun Glass, coining the term “broken glass” for the ultimate demise of the Broken Hope and Deicide tour alliance. One thing he’s mad about is Broken Hope getting in front of the story about the box cutter attack, but it’s really hard to be mad at him wanting to take credit for a stabbing attack.

Check out the audio of the interview at Metal Sucks. One thing does correspond with both sides. It’s all rock star drama, or as Benton so appropriately puts it, “bullshit.”

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