city of fireIt’s not like these guys are busy getting their main band’s shit together, right? Our bros at SMN News report that Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell and bassist Byron Stroud have started another side project dubbed City Of Fire, adding to the list of active FF-related bands including Divine Heresy, Arkaea and Burton-Dino-Byron-and-Gene-Hoglan, aka “Fear Factory” aka “Not Really Fear Factory, Name TBD” aka “No, We’re Gonna Stick With Fear Factory” aka “Legal Mess”. At this rate, we’ll be ready to set up a full 64-band battle royale for every Fear Factory-related project, NCAA style. I know a bookie who can handle the cash for the inevitable Insider, Sucks and Injection pool.

As for the music, it sounds pretty good. It’s Burton’s classic voice with less predictable phrasing and music with a bit more melody and less robotic chuggah-chuggah than the signature Fear Factory style. Samples are up on their MySpace page. Also, why does every Fear Factory-related act have to have a terrible logo? Is that a prerequisite?