GWAR And PETA2 Team Up Once Again For New Video

Posted by on February 17, 2011


Last Spring, GWAR collaborated with the most unlikely group: PETA2 (the world’s largest youth animal rights group). Together, they created the video seen above to spread the message “Fight Humans, Not Dogs!” Well it would appear that their joint venture against dog fighting was a success, because it has been revealed that the two will join forces once again for a new video. This time, though, GWAR will be supporting the animal rights group’s fight against animal fur.

GWAR’s very own Oderus Urungus had the following to say about the collaboration:

“GWAR is titillated to be working with GWAR, in this, the latest thing that GWAR is doing. We’ll be providing the humans with an alternative to animal fur, and also helping improve the hygiene of this country’s vast prison industry, in a collaboration that is sure to rip off a few heads.”

Dan Shannon, Director of PETA2’s Youth Outreach and Campaigns, had the following to add:

“PETA is thrilled to be working with GWAR to raise awareness about the cruel ways that animals raised for their fur are treated. Like our previous collaboration with them, Fight Humans Not Animals, this collaboration will aim to turn a few heads.”

In the first video, GWAR had The Red Chord’s singer Guy Kozowyk fight one of their slaves to the death. What in the world will they do to top themselves in the next video? We’ll have to wait and see, since production for the video doesn’t start until next month.

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