Enter Shikari are not what I would call a punk band, but in many ways they definitely adopt a punk attitude in their dealings with their business with music, politics and the world around them.  The band and their management are very particular when it comes the business of the band and how they are perceived.  Recently the band took a stand in support of WikiLeaks and used their Twitter account to drive awareness of an online petition on behalf of wikileaks.  While Wikileaks pegs themselves as an anti-secrecy, anti-establishment, fuck-the-man kind of organization, their recent emergence within pop culture might actually classify them as anti-punk, but whatever.

I don’t have an opinion on the subject at hand but check out Enter Shikari’s twitter page (@entershikari).  If you’ve been living under a rock you might even want to check out the drama surrounding wikileaks.  Wikileaks has become somewhat polarizing and you may not agree with the side of the line on which people and bands like Enter Shikari stand.  You have to appreciate musicians and celebrities using their status to draw attention to real issues other than tight pants and hair cuts.