Death metal singer allegedly recruited by ISIS

Posted by on October 3, 2014

adnanLondon’s Telegraph reports that a Bangladeshi man arrested after he volunteered to go to Syria to fight for ISIS was the singer of a death metal band. Asif Adnan is the singer and guitarist of Bangladesh death metal  band Jahiliyyah. The band’s name refers to the period of “ignorance of divine guidance” before the rise of Islan in Arabia. The band was distributed in the U.K. via Kingslam Records. Adnan’s name in the band was Loki Nihilluminatus.

Apparently, Adnan sent text messages to another man, Fazle Elahi Tanzil, in which he said he wished to join “the jihad” with ISIS. “I just want to be in the land of Jihad,” an intercepted text message allegedly read. “Among the Mujahideen. Living a life only for Allah.” Billboard reports that alleged ISIS agent Samiun Rahman recruited Adnan andTanzil to travel to Turkey as pilgrims and then head to Syria to fight for ISIS. All three of them denied the charges once arrested, and Adnan’s family submitted a bail application portraying him as a student and musician as opposed to an aspiring Jihadi.


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