David Draiman Takes Aim At Bad Parenting

Posted by on July 23, 2012

Of all the stories to come out of the tragic theater shooting in Aurora CO, one that resonated with us was that the youngest victim was a three month-old baby that was treated and released from the hospital. We have to admit that it struck us a little irresponsible that anyone would bring an infant to a movie theater, not to mention potentially annoying for all the patrons. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones that took notice. Disturbed and Device frontman David Draiman took to his Twitter account to weigh in.

All you parents out there that think it’s OK to take your infants out on the town with you, to a movie theater or otherwise, do the world a favor. Give your children up for adoption to parents who know that it is to be a responsible parent, and sacrifice on behalf of their children. Get a damn babysitter. Maybe we should take infants to night clubs and restaurants in the late hours of the night as well? Honestly, fuck off. This is why only certain people should be allowed the gift of a child. Too many simply aren’t ready for the responsibility.

Obviously, there were a lot of people that took offense at Draiman’s words. So much so that he followed the above tweet with an another rant addressing those that responded to his first.

OK, since apparently my rant is “news” to some people, and since the brain dead tend to pull what they want from whatever is said, let me be crystal clear.  I have nothing but the deepest condolences for the families of the Denver Batman massacre. It is shocking beyond belief, and may the perpetrator of the crime be forced to toss Hitler’s salad in hell for eternity.

However, separate from the catastrophic event is the notion that somehow it is alright to take a 3 month old infant (not a 6 year old child, although that is still questionable) to a showing of any movie is preposterous. Forget the fact that a 3 month old should be safe in bed at midnight. Forget the fact that their fragile immune systems shouldn’t be subjected to the bacterial petri dish that is a movie theater. The primary issue is the effect that movie theater sound often at dangerous levels of dB, can do permanent damage to a 3 month old infant’s still-developing hearing.

This is separate from the massacre, and it is and will remain my opinion that those who would subject a 3 month old child to it are not only irresponsible, shitty parents, but they should also be charted with child endangerment. As Chris Rock said, “you can drive a car with your feet if you want to, that don’t make it a good fuckin’ idea.”

It’s hard to disagree with Draiman. First of all “toss Hitler’s salad in hell for all eternity” is a phrase that’s entirely underused. Secondly, there’s really no excuse to bring a infant to a midnight showing/premiere of a movie. Granted, the tragedy of what happened far overshadows some shoddy parenting, and Draiman might have waited a bit to voice his concern. Yet if he prevents one parent from bringing their three month old crying and pooping machine to a midnight showing of a movie, he’s already done his part.


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