Courtney Love attacked, held hostage by cabbies in Paris

Posted by on June 25, 2015

Uber is catching on around the world as people come to realize that traditional cabs are expensive and sometimes dirty. However, that’s not going over that well with taxi drivers, especially not in Europe, where taxi workers have been using blockades to picket the service. Courtney Love found that out the hard way earlier today outside of Paris, the car she was taking got attacked by an angry mob of drivers. According to Love, her car was surrounded by “a mob of  taxi drivers,” and her car’s window was broken and its tires slashed. Over the course of two hours, Love described her and her driver being held hostage, the car struck with metal bats, and an escape thanks to some motorcycle drivers who had rocks thrown at them by the taxi drivers.

Throughout the situation, she appealed to French President Francois Hollande to intervene, also tweeting at Kanye West, who was apparently at the airport with her. She also posted an Instagram video of her car surrounded by cabbies trying to open the door and arguing with the driver. Good thing the only thing Uber’s being met with here is annoyed taxi drivers and lawsuits.

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