My First Metal Shirt: The Browning’s Brian Moore

Posted by on June 6, 2016


Welcome to My First Metal Shirt, a regularly-occurring feature on Metal Insider where we talk to people involved in metal about the first-ever metal T-shirt they owned, their memories about it,  and hopefully, a picture of them in it. The Browning will be releasing their debut Spinefarm album, Isolation, after a pair of albums on Earache Records. Brian Moore has been in the band since last year, but makes the move from bass to guitar for the upcoming album. He shared his first T-shirt story, along with an adorably awkward picture of him and his friends pre-gaming on soda before heading to a Priest show in high school.

My first band T-shirt was an Ozzy shirt that I got after seeing him on the Black Rain tour, With Rob Zombie in god knows what year (ed note: it was 2007). I absolutely wore that thing to death because I wanted everyone to know how cool I was. (not very). Seeing pictures of me wearing brings back such good memories of my first few metal years. Here is a picture of me wearing it when I went to see Judas Priest sophomore year of high school! (far left)

Isolation will be released on June 24th on Spinefarm. It can be pre-ordered here.






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