Rob Zombie will crowd-fund his next horror film “31”

Posted by on July 31, 2014

When he’s not rocking stages with some of the most elaborate set pieces and wildly costumed support cast known to music, Rob Zombie is a horror movie director with an impressive resume to his name. His last film was 2013’s The Lords of Salem, which he directed and produced independently. Earlier today, Rolling Stone published an interview with Zombie where he revealed that his new film 31 (stylized as 3I on posters and other promotional material) will be crowd-funded. Rather than working with the traditional crowd-funding organizations, though, Zombie is running the entire campaign on his own through the website RZ-31.com. This is a groundbreaking step in the crowd-funding business, and may lead to more crowd-funding campaigns being run outside of Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and the other major crowd-funding sites in the future.

When asked why he chose to crowdfund 31, Zombie replied:

I’m crowd funding because I realize that it’s an incredible opportunity to engage the fans. They’ve always been the most important thing for me because, with metal and horror, the fans aren’t just fans – it’s their life, their lifestyle. They live and breathe it, as I do, and any way that you can bring the people that are as passionate about it as you are into the process is a win-win for everybody.

The article details that the campaign will have a range of rewards, including autographed posters, Zombie following backers on Twitter, a lifetime laminate pass to see any Zombie concert, the spot of being an extra in 31, props from Zombie’s previous movies, and many more. You can read the entire interview, which covers more details about 31, by going here.

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