ghost ship octaviusGhost Ship Octavius, the new group featuring ex-God Forbid guitarist Matt Wicklund and ex-Nevermore drummer Van Williams, is set to begin work on their debut full-length with Grammy award winning producer Neil Kernon in Seattle. However, while they decided to go the DIY route, they need help funding the recording and manufacturing of said album. That’s why their asking for your help and launched a Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign offers perks you tend to expect from most crowdfunding efforts, as well as the chance to actually record music with the group’s members. However, Ghost Ship Octavius is offering something pretty unusual: the chance to actually appear in the album’s cover artwork. For a pledge of $1,000, your face can be drawn into the album artwork and appear as a “Ghastly Ghoul,” while for $1,500 you can have your voice recorded in a special track in addition to appearing in the cover. Both are limited to only five people and come with the Deluxe Pack (which includes a CD, digi download, t shirt and autographed poster).

Sure, there’ve been plenty of crowdfunding campaigns that offered fans the chance to make a guest appearance on the album. However, the chance to actually be featured on an album cover is pretty damn cool. So head over to Ghost Ship Octavius’ Kickstarter page and help them raise $15,000 to make their debut album (only 44 days to go). And also check out the video below in case you still need more convincing.