Coheed and Cambria save fan from eviction

Posted by on June 30, 2014

So you think that it doesn’t pay to be a superfan of a band? Try telling that to Mississippi’s Cyndi Crouch, who’s a huge Coheed and Cambria fan. She’d been a fan of the band for the past decade, but meeting them two years ago made her a superfan. She co-moderated a fanbase and is currently staff at the band’s official fanbase, Cobalt & Calcium. A few days ago, she started a crowdfunding campaign for her family. Eight months pregnant with three children already, her and her husband were set to lose their house as they’d fallen behind on payments and her husband’s wages were being garnished. The family had a relatively modest $3,500 goal, but needed it almost immediately.

Enter Coheed and Cambria, who found out about the crowdfunding campaign via the band’s online fanbase and made a $3,000 donation to help Cynthia and her family meet the goal. “Cyndi, you have been there for us for so long, we deeply appreciate your neverending support, the band said on the page. “You will get through this! Sincerely, Coheed and Cambria.” As of now, the family has almost $300 more than their goal, which they plan on using to pay past due bills. Obviously, Crouch is beyond happy and grateful:

Without Coheed and Cambria, without the COTF (and some very special local friends) I wouldn’t be able to say that WE ARE KEEPING OUR HOME, PAYING OFF THE WAGE GARNISHMENT!!! If I live for another hundred years, I will spend them doing exactly what I have been, telling everyone about this band, this community, showing my support in everything they do not only as a band, but as individuals as well. They deserve it because of the people they are, kind thoughtful and caring, selfless and giving. For seeing a family and need and saving our lives, our gratitude is deep and Neverending.

Right now, everyone that’s ever listened to a Coheed and Cambria album or two that’s behind on their bills are probably starting a crowdfunding campaign. Seriously, though, it’s a great way for the band to repay a fan, and something that you don’t hear about much. It would take a band with a seriously dedicated fan base to make something like that work, and Coheed are definitely that. Bravo, Coheed.

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