Randy Blythe Update: Manager Comments As New Footage Found

Posted by on July 5, 2012


The Randy Blythe incident enters its second week with the singer still incarcerated in Prague, being held on suspicion of manslaughter even though his bail has been posted. Newly footage from the 2010 concert shows 19 year-old Daniel N. jumping on stage three times. In one of the instances, he’s violently thrown from the stage by a security guard and lands on his head. In another, he stagedives into the crowd, and appears to not be caught by them. Either of those two incidents might explain how he hit his head, eventually lapsing into a coma, and neither sees Randy even indirectly involved.

Rolling Stone spoke to Lamb of God’s manager Larry Mazer, who, like many, is dumbfounded by the charges. “Nobody reported an injury of any kind at the concert, or after the concert,” he told them. It was at least an hour to two hours later, supposedly, when this kid went to a hospital… Number two, he had supposedly been in a coma for 30 days, but it wasn’t [until] a couple of months later that they contacted the promoter to ask his understanding of the events. He said the same thing – that the show went on fine, no nothing, no incidents. They told him that a person had been injured, which led to a death, which he had no knowledge of whatsoever.” It’s curious that neither the band, management or label were contacted about this until landing in Prague. Mazer says he never would have had the band play there had they known that Blythe would be arrested.

A report from Czech news outlet blesk.cz says that Blythe would like to meet with Daniel’s family when he’s released from prison, which will presumably be early next week. There’s also a Czech TV report on the deceased that shows Daniel playing guitar, as well as Blythe in court. Check it out after the jump.



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