Theron_Rhoten_of_Communion_arrested_in_Waco_TexasUnless you were living under a rock last weekend, you’ve probably heard about the massive gunfight in Waco, TX among rival motorcycle gangs that left nine dead. All of the deceased were bikers, and over 170 people were arrested and remain in custody facing charges of organized crime. While some are saying that one of the gangs set up the others, and there are truthers and Sons of Anarchy fans claiming cops set the whole thing up, what remains is that many bikers remain jailed. At least one of them, Theron Rhoten, of Austin, is a member of several metal  bands.

While none of the bands, Sans Soleil, Communion, and The Roller, are nationally-known, they’re all Austin-area metal bands that are at least temporarily a bassist, and at least one of them, Sans Soleil, is maintaining his innocence. So isRhoten’s wife, Katie, who appeared in an Associated Press article about the incident. A mechanic from Austin in addition to playing in those bands, Rhoten is a member of a motorcycle club called Vise Grip, which specializes in building and riding vintage and antique motorcycles. The two biggest gangs, and the only two suffer losses, were the Banditos and the Cossacks.

“He’s good to his family,” Rhoten said about her husband. “He doesn’t drink; he doesn’t do drugs; he doesn’t party. He’s just got a passion for motorcycles.” He’s being held, along with 172 others, on $1 million bonds. Sans Soleil weighed in on Rhoten’s incarceration, and also announced that they’re setting up defense fund for him:

With heavy hearts we must let you know that our bass player Theron Rhoten was among the 170 people facing organized crime charges stemming from the deadly shootout at the Texas Confederation of Clubs & Independents meeting location in Waco, TX. The information from both the Media and Waco PD is inconsistent if not completely inaccurate. There is one thing you can count on though, Theron is a witness at best and to keep him locked up is a true injustice.

Like all of the arrested bikers, Theron Rhoten is being held on a $1 million bond. Unless the city of Waco tries to make arrangements to move them through it more quickly, it could be weeks and possibly months before the jailed bikers have bond-reduction hearings.

A fund has been set up to assist in legal fees and living expenses for Theron and his fellow club members Jonathan Lopez and Ryan Craft. Donations can be made directly to Vise Grip MC to assist in legal fees and living expenses. Donations through Paypal should be addressed to

“Support Freedom, Motorcycling is not a crime” Tshirts printed for the defense fund are for sale here for $25

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