Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes hit with restraining order – over voodoo

Posted by on January 17, 2017


There is always that bro and sister code, no one messes with each other’s ex or current love interest. Jealousy, revenge, and envy of someone else’s love is one of the oldest stories in the book. According to a recent TMZ report, Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes is as guilty as the rest of us over this, and it’s the subject of one of the most insane restraining orders we’ve heard about in some time.

The report says that Hughes’ ex-friend Andrew Julian Vega filed a restraining order against him, making allegations that his life is being threatened. Apparently, Hughes attempted to place a curse/hex/spell/what have you on his ex-buddy by hanging a stabbed voodoo doll on his gate with the knife still intact reading with bloody red paint, “Andy is next.”

Vega also mentioned in an unspecified document that Hughes threatened to shoot him and blow out his lungs through his back. As we now know, Hughes came out as as someone that thinks everyone should have guns following the Bataclan attack. According to TMZ, those who know both Hughes and Vega, stated that this hatred started over a girl. Due to the recent threat, a restraining order of 100 yards has been placed on Hughes. TMZ is still waiting for comment from Hughes. Yikes, so much “Complexity.” 

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