As illegal downloading increases, the attention given to an album’s cover artwork tends to decrease. But once in a while, a band releases an album cover that truly is an eye grabber. This week, it’s the cover artwork to Protest The Hero’s new album Scurrilous, due out March 22 via Vagrant Records.

The artwork to the Canadian progressive band’s third album is…well to simply put it, awesomely bizarre. I could try to go into further detail to explain what’s occurring in the cover, but I’d be lying if I said I even knew. If the first thought that pops to your head isn’t “What the f**k?!” when you first look at it (which you can see in the top corner), then good for you! The funny thing is, though, that the wacky, and well drawn, cover is actually making me even more excited for the album’s release. Granted, I already was looking forward to a new album from Protest The Hero after hearing 2008’s Fortress, but if the new music is as off the wall as the cover, then fans should be excited as well.