The bassist of Lionfight might be a racist

Posted by on April 29, 2015

California metalcore band Lionfight are about to hit the road in support of an EP they just finished up. And while the tour doesn’t have a date in Baltimore, they might not want to go there after the racist comments bassist Bryan Patrick Cole made online. In a since-deleted post, the bassist shared a video with the following comment:

I fucking hate this shit…
And I’m only gonna say this once…

Freddie Grey died. And probably deserved it…
Michael Brown died…
And probably deserved it.

You break the law, don’t expect to be treated with respect..
What the fuck happened with humanity? What the fuck happened with basic decency and good manners?

That cop should have shot him and he couldn’t because of these dumb ass monkeys that think they are entitled to justice by destroying other peoples property and hurting innocent bystanders.

For the rioting monkeys in Baltimore…
I hope you get hurt and I hope ytou get your asses kicked by the brave officers that try to do their damn jobs while you collect welfare and buy/sell drugs.

Backlash was immediate and the band quickly issued a statement:

No matter what color your skin is, your race, gender, whatever …. We are all beings on this planet. We should be…

Posted by Lionfight on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cole, for his part is responding to comments stating that he’s sorry for what he said, but still stating that what’s happening in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore are horrible and needs to be stopped. It’s definitely too little, too late for the guy. If Cole thinks that a non-violent drug offender deserved to die in police custody with a spinal injury a week after being taken in without one, then a simple apology won’t do anything. And if he expects the band to have any African American fans after this, he’s doing it wrong. It’s unfortunate for the rest of the band, who now have to be shouldered with the “racist” tag because of a dumb racist post from their bassist. And if he’s ever done a single drug in his life, he’s a hypocrite.

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