New Zealand bar says hellno to Vinnie Paul, denies him entry

Posted by on August 24, 2015

vinnie-paulYou’d think being the drummer of Pantera and Hellyeah would afford you some pretty impressive opportunities and open lots of doors, at the very least. Vinnie Paul, however, found out the hard way that that’s not the case this past weekend after a bar in Christchurch, New Zealand refused him entry. Stuff.co.nz reports that The Rockpool pool hall in Christchurch, New Zealand denied Paul entry after he refused to remove a bandanna he was wearing. Paul was in town because Hellyeah had played at The Bedford.

Peter Whittaker, owner of the bar, didn’t comment on Paul’s case, but he did state that people with visible facial or neck tattoos weren’t welcome.”Not everyone is automatically excluded but we don’t want that profile of person there,” he said. This came after artist Jesse Wright was refused entry because he has facial tattoos. He offered to cover them with makeup, but was still refused entry.


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