Mushroomhead don’t mind the confederate flag

Posted by on July 29, 2015

The confederate flag has been a significant topic of discussion since a racist gunman stormed a church in Charleston, SC, killing nine African American churchgoers. Since then, it’s been removed from the South Carolina statehouse, taken out of Walmarts and even gotten The Dukes of Hazzard reruns pulled from TV Land. Metal Injection noted that Pantera’s merch featuring the flag is no longer available, and everyone from Randy Blythe and Corey Taylor to Phil Anselmo have weighed in on the flag as a symbol of hatred.

No one, apparently, has asked Mushroomhead, though. Their Facebook page yesterday showed a new merch design that proudly approximates the confederate flag. Instead of stars, the shirt displays 13 of their “X face” mascot, with the back design being an”X face” with the flag reflected in the design. Design-wise, it’s a pretty cool idea, but given what the confederate flag represents, it’s maybe not in good taste (like, at all). Not that we’d necessarily expect Mushroomhead on the cutting edge of political correctness, but this seems a little… wrong. Theprp points out that reaction on the page has been divided. Some fans of the band are saying they’ll buy them and others are expressing disappointment in a band they like capitalizing on trends to sell merch. Really, reading the comments in the post is like peering into a corner of humanity that might not need to be seen – kinda like most internet comments, actually.


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