Metalcore drummer running for office as white supremacist

Posted by on July 29, 2015

Heard of The Paramedic? The Ohio metalcore band are currently on the road with It Lies Within, but that’s not why we’re writing about them. The band’s former drummer, Tony Hovater, is running for office. Democratic? Republican? Nope, try the Traditional Worker’s Party, which was created by a white supremacist that speaks out against Jewish people. An Al Jazeera America article about party founder Matthew Heimbach states that the former drummer will be running for a city council seat in New Carlisle, OH outside of Dayton.

“Tony Hovater, Heimbach’s friend and party comrade, is running for a City Council seat in New Carlisle later this fall. Heimbach puts his chances at about 50/50, maybe more if the party manages to get out the blue-collar vote. If all goes well, Heimbach will run for state legislature in 2016, and then the plan is to grow the party from there.”

That’s pretty unsettling, but Substream Magazine brings up the fact that The Paramedic aren’t exactly the most politically correct band, either. Singer Mike Luciano went on an anti-Caitlyn Jenner rant on Facebook a few months ago, and you can pick up a nice T-shirt from the band that states “bitch, say one more word I’ll rip your fucking throat out.” Wow, that’s classy.


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