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Posted by on May 11, 2016



Since the formation of Emperor 25 years ago, Ihshan has been a risk taker. And while he could rest on his laurels and just release black metal for the rest of his career, he’s chosen instead to continue to innovate, having released six solo albums that have taken him in a more progressive direction. Arktis, which was released last month on Candlelight/Spinefarm, is no exception. It contains some of the most straightforward rock in his career, like “Mass Darkness,” which features an assist from Trivium’s Matt Heafy. Songs like that, “My Heart of the North,” “Until I Too Dissolve” and “Disassembled” will appeal to any metal fans, not just black metal devotees or prog fans looking to see what the singer will do next. Elsewhere, on “Crooked Red Line,” Shining’s Jorgen Munkeby stops by to play some sax. It’s likely his most diverse solo record, and that’s saying a lot. And we have a vinyl copy to give away!

Arktis. will be coming out on vinyl this Friday (you can pre-order it here), but we’re giving away a copy of the album. To enter to win, just subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletter using the form below. Already signed up? You’re already entered. We’ll be picking a winner this Friday (13), the day the album is out.

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