Here are our winners for the ‘Metallica Through The Never’ contest

Posted by on October 2, 2013

Metallica-Through-The-Never-logoLast week, we asked you to share the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you at a Metallica concert. Sadly, none of them involved being sent out to retrieve a mysterious package in a postapocalyptic Edmonton, Alberta like Trip, the protagonist in Metallica Through the Never. However, we did get some pretty solid stories, and the following three people will be receiving a Through the Never hat, shirt and poster. Weed, Fred Durst, and a story that’s a little too far out to actually exist abound. Here’s who we chose:

Shawn Rock from Manhattan KS writes:

Summer Sanitarium in Denver: Two flat-chested chicks controlled the stadium in a flash off before Metallica came out and Fred Durst got pegged in the head with a big beer while he was performing. Still wasn’t my favorite Metallica show though, but maybe it was the funniest.

Mike Rogers from Columbia MO writes:

The girl that was sitting next to us had to leave early and gave my girlfriend her bag of weed because she was afraid her dad who was picking her up would catch her with it.

Mike might have given his weed to Justin Gish from Portage MI, who writes:

Early November, back in 2009, I traveled to Grand Rapids to see Metallica live. I was driving alone, blasting Death Magnetic, when in between headbangs I happened to look out the window. I saw a strange flash in the autumn sky. I blinked but it was gone, there was nothing where I’d seen the light. I didn’t give it much thought until I pulled into the parking lot and saw another bright flash over the arena. This time the light hovered over the stadium for a minute before shooting straight up and disappearing into the sky. Now I was spooked and convinced that I’d seen a UFO. I called my friends but my cellphone was getting no service. Which is strange, because I always got service in Grand Rapids. Confused, I took my ticket out of my pocket and headed toward the entrance, figuring I’d find my pals inside. When I got to the turnstile my ticket was scanned but not accepted. The ticket taker gave me a look l like I was a real creep, but a man in a black suit walked over and whispered something in the taker’s ear. They let me into the stadium, but once inside the man in the black suit grabbed my arm and guided me to a blue door which lead to a conference room. Without saying a word he motioned me to sit in a red chair at a grey table. I sat through the first half of the set, confused and more than a little scared. I stood up to stretch, and as soon as I got my ass out of the the chair, the door opened and two men walked in. One was the original guy who brought me into this room, the other guy (also dressed in a black suit) I hadn’t seen before. They didn’t say anything, but they put a box of merchandise down on the table. The box held shirts, patches, and live albums I’d never seen before. They could tell I was excited and they offered me the swag in exchange for my silence. “Silent about what?” I asked and they said, “The Light”, then smiled the most disturbing grins I’d ever seen. Their faces didn’t look real, like their skin was made of silly putty, and I gladly told them I’d keep quiet, not just for the stuff, but to get them out of the room. I figure enough time has passed that I can tell you about the lights without them coming after…

Metallica Through the Never is currently playing on every IMAX theater in North America. It expands into other theaters this coming Friday, 10/4.

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