motleycrue2012Maybe the potential end of the road for Motley Crue has made him a little more reflective these days, but Nikki Sixx got a bit philosophical last week on Facebook , talking about what it means so listen to a full album, which let’s face it, most of us rarely do anymore.

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When I was scrounging through record shops as a kid you usually (unless you just shopped for singles) bought the whole album.I always fell deeper in love with the band because “ALL” their songs spoke to me.Of course some jumped out at you right away while others grew on you but you didn’t skip any songs,you would listen from top to bottom over and over again.

When I started making albums I alwasy believed the WHOLE album was the adventure.Of course there is the lead single for radio but when did THAT become the whole experience?

I talk to more and more people everyday who tell me they only buy singles now. iTunes hasn’t helped for that of course.We have asked them many times to bundle our album as one download so fans wouldn’t cherry pick the hits and miss the hidden gems but its not part of their business model. I love iTunes and buy music almost daily from it but it still frustrates me. I just wish more people clicked “BUY ALBUM”. Maybe I am old fashioned in how I believe music should be listened to but I refuse to ever buy just a bands single.I always buy the WHOLE album.I encourage you to do the same. Technology may have changed but the fact that a band makes a WHOLE album for you hasn’t.Dig deep and I promise you,you will fall deeper in love with the artist than you ever could only listening to one song.