Silly Rabbit, KISS Are For Kids

Posted by on June 5, 2013

KISS is once again making the extremely rare occurrence of licensing their names and likenesses to something. This time, it’s a kid-oriented venture, and no, it’s not KISS Hello Kitty – you’ll have to wait for that later this year. However, you’re in luck if you wanted KISS Kids Comics. Actually, it’s not that much of a stretch for IDW Publishing, who are already publishing KISS Solo comics. While they’d been announced before, Gene Simmons showed a few pages off on some weird form of social media, saying “It’s a KISS WORLD. You all just live in it.”

KISS Kids, which is probably the most radical reinvention of a property since Muppet Babies, will follow “Li’l Demon,” “Spacey,” “Catkid” and “Starchild” as they foil the plans of their school principal, Principal Elder. Will the kids turn into rock stars? Will Spacey get shocked? Will Li’l Demon get caught in a scandal when he has sex with one of his teachers? We’ll all have to wait until Fall to find out, when KISS Kids #1 is released.

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