Why should major label bands be the only ones who get love? Unsigned & Streamed is a column where we stream a song from an unsigned band we at Metal Insider really dig.

This week on Unsigned & Streamed, we’re spotlighting the Long Island, NY-based death/doom/thrash melting pot that is Killjoy.  Over the course of six years of existence, the four-piece has shared the stage with well-known bands such as Fear Factory, Otep, Suffocation and Deicide.  The band’s debut album, Grow Deep, is now available through the Killjoy website; there’s a noticeable tinge of sludge and hardcore that Long Island natives will know well mixed with Opeth-like progressiveness, but their unmistakable blending of death, thrash and doom riff templates in equal order reminds us quite a bit of  Byzantine.  Killjoy and Byzantine together – now that would be a tour package we’d like to see!

Check out the first single from Grow Deep, “Ergaster,” for yourself in the stream below.

[audio:https://www.metalinsider.net/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Ergaster-1.mp3|titles=”Ergaster” by Killjoy]

Killjoy will be touring the Northeast in late spring, with dates to be announced via the band’s Facebook page.