Unsigned & Streamed: Heart Of Barf

Posted by on April 25, 2012

Why should major label bands be the only ones who get love? Unsigned & Streamed is a column where we stream a song from an unsigned band we at Metal Insider really dig.

This week, we’re pleased to introduce a rather unusual pick for the Unsigned & Streamed column, New York’s Heart Of Barf. First formed in 2003 as an offshoot of their other group Jerseyband, saxophonist Ed RosenBerg and vocalist Brent Madsen later teamed up with drummer Ed Klinger to create truly bizarre grindcore. The one show they’ve played so far supposedly went well, unless you consider making children cry a bad thing. Heart Of Barf is perfect for the fan who loves the absurdity of Mr. Bungle, with lyrics like “I smell Ninja! The residue of swordplay and secrets mixed with sweat from the war-horse’s mane. (I smell Ninja) I smell hunting dogs, but this ninja doesn’t stink.” So without further ado, give a listen to Heart Of Barf’s “I Smell Ninja” in the stream below.


Heart Of Barf hope to perform live more regularly in the near future. They are also planning to release another batch of songs later this year. You can listen to their EP Look At These Teeth in its entirety via their Bandcamp page. Also make sure to keep an eye out on Heart Of Barf’s Facebook page.

If you’re in an unsigned band and would like to participate in Unsigned & Streamed, email a link to your band’s music and a brief bio to tips [at] metalinsider.com for consideration.

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