Northlane’s Top 5: Documentaries

Posted by on November 18, 2013

Adrian Fitipaldes’ Top 5:


1. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

A description / interpretation of the nature of reality using both scientific and spiritual paradigms.

[editor’s note: the entire documentary can be seen over at www.innerworldsmovie.com]


2. Athene’s Theory of Everything

A brilliant explanation of the progress of science in the fields of physics and neurology and modern sciences current theories about the nature of reality. This one maintains a strict rationalist scientific outlook. It might disappoint a few hippies.


3. Food Matters

This movie made me think seriously about my health and showed me how to improve it. People who are interested in alternative cancer treatments should definitely watch this.


4. We Steal Secrets : The Story of WikiLeaks

This documentary is about the infamous Wikileaks movement, an independent web journal that leaked thousands of classified U.S. Government documents onto the internet. This was an awesome account of the events that unfolded at the feet of their Aussie figurehead, Julian Assange.


5. The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique

Independent hip hop / rap artist Immortal Technique openly dedicates his life to the exposure of the horrors and crime of the western military industrial complex. He believes if he is eventually assassinated, he himself may not be remembered, but the cry for political revolution would still live on through his martyrdom, forever being remembered in his devotion to die for what he believes in, the ‘immortal technique’. The documentary recounts he’s rise to success as an independent artist and his various charitable works using his profit from record sales.

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