Metal Insider’s Top 5: Surprising Break Ups

Posted by on March 26, 2013

1. Pantera

It wasn’t exactly shocking when Pantera broke up, as rumors had been floating around for a while. It was definitely surprising when it was officially announced, however. After releasing 2000’s Reinventing the Steel, the band toured until August of 2001. Following the September 11 attacks, the band said they’d take some time off from touring. The following year, Anselmo released a second Down album and the first Superjoint Ritual album. The Abbott brothers were frustrated with Anselmo’s numerous solo projects, and officially broke up Pantera. While it seemed like there was just a lack of communication on the band’s part, it was enough to lead to a war of words. We all know what happened next. It’s a shame that the band weren’t able to patch up their differences before Dimebag was killed onstage at a Damageplan show, but after that happened, it made a reconciliation next to impossible. The three surviving members of Pantera are keeping busy though – Anselmo has a solo album in the works, as well as running his own label. Abbott is busy with HELLYEAH, and Rex Brown is in Kill Devil Hill, as well as having just released an autobiography.

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