Metal Insider’s Top 5: Surprising Break Ups

Posted by on March 26, 2013

4. Byzantine

Just four days after their third album, Oblivion Beckons, was released in 2008, Charleston WV thrash band surprisingly broke up. It definitely came as a surprise to many, as the album was well-received and had literally just come out on Prosthetic Records. Singer/guitarist Chris “OJ” Ojeda told Revolver at the time that he felt his freedom was being constrained, and he wanted to go back to being an unsigned band. “Three out of the four band members are expecting our first children, so that’s gonna change their minds a little bit,” he told them. “When you’ve got a shitload of diapers to buy, it’s like, OK, I need to start thinking about 40 hours a week here.” Thankfully, after several years of being broken up, the band decided to reform. They launched their own Kickstarter campaign, raised enough money to record a new album, and their self-titled album is out now.

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