5. EMA Covers Danzig’s “Soul On Fire”


Believe it or not, there was a time when Glenn Danzig wasn’t just an internet meme. His first two solo albums are soulful, dark, bluesy classics that stand the test of time. He’s definitely got tons of indie cred as well, with artists ranging from My Morning Jacket to [youtube]https://www.metalinsider.net/covers/ryan-adams-performs-acoustic-rendition-of-danzigs-mother[/youtube] covering him. And then there’s EMA, short for Erika M. Anderson. We don’t know who Gowns were, but she used to sing for them. Her take on the cover (which appears on a 7” along with the song “Hell, Yes!”) is a lot less menacing than his, but it’s just off-kilter enough that fans of the original should dig her take.