Metal Insider’s Top 5: Nu Metal bands we forgot about

Posted by on May 22, 2018

3.) Crossbreed

During the nu-metal glory days, industrial metal had a place at the table, especially with bands like Fear Factory, Orgy, Rob Zombie, and Static-X. While nu metal had a mix of rap and rock with bands such as Linkin Park, it also featured industrial acts. Florida’s Crossbreed attempted to have both the nu metal and industrial style, which was seen in 2001’s Synthetic Division. After battling through line up and management changes, the band officially called it quits in 2010, which was shortly after their final album 2009’s KE 101.

Most Famous Member: none? 
Biggest Song: “Underlined” 


2.) Adema

We freaked out when we heard Adema had returned and decided to work on new music. Since the new album has yet to be released, it’s been easy to forget about them once again. It’s been since 2007’s Kill the Headlights that the Bakersfield, CA band has released anything. Maybe with the latest effort finally out, they’ll move their way up or make their way off this list

Most Famous Member: Marky Chavez, mainly because his half brother is Korn frontman Jonathan Davis

Biggest Song: “Giving In” 


1.) The Union Underground

When Union Underground released their debut album with 2000’s An Education in Rebellion, we thought they were going to be the next Coal Chamber, Ill Nino, mixed with Fear Factory. At that time, they were THAT good and then, the group disappeared (aside from releasing a few tunes here and there over the years) as well as moving on to other projects such as John Moyer joining Disturbed back in 2003. Back in 2016, the group revealed they are back together with a new lineup and are working on new material.  

Most Famous Member: John Moyer (now in Disturbed)
Biggest Song: “Turn Me On, Mr. Deadman”

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