Sourvein-group-shot-2On Friday, April 8, sludge act Sourvein released Aquatic Occult, the fourth full-length and first for Metal Blade Records. The band’s twenty year journey to the label has seen them hit the road with Voivod, High on Fire and Saint Vitus, among many others. The North Carolina band called New Orleans and California home before returning  to their home state. We asked vocalist, guitarist and founding member T-Roy what his favorite guitarists were. “These guys influence me and may others, and will for years to come,” he says.

Aquatic Occult is available now on Metal Blade Records. You can pick it up here.


5) Dr. Know, Bad Brains


“Dr. Know is untouchable, he can do it all. His guitar playing is precise and very passionate. I can’t say enough about him… he’s an unreal talent.”


4) Dave Chandler, Saint Vitus


“Dave Chandler is pure doom. He can do single notes like no one else. I love his style.”


3) Stig Miller, Amebix


“Stig is just super creative. I admire his killer riffs and structure. Glad he guests on our new album. A complete honor.”


2) Greg Ginn, Black Flag


“Ginn is pure attitude and a go for it guy.”


1)  Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath


“The riff master and innovator of the doom.”