Metal Insider’s Top 5: Events In 2013 We’re Thankful For

Posted by on November 25, 2013

ghost-grohlHonorable Mention: Ghost actually collaborated with Dave Grohl in some fashion

We’ve gotta pat ourselves on the back here. We came up with a pretty solid April Fools Day prank, stating that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was actually the drummer of Ghost B.C. (or Ghost, let’s be honest here, no one calls them Ghost B.C.). The fact that he’d drummed on their cover of “I’m A Marionette” was enough to make it just believable enough to work, and before long, we heard people talking about it as fact at a party. However, as the year went on, news got out that he’d produced a handful of other songs for the band, which would go on to come out as If You Have Ghost, en EP that featured Grohl playing on three of the five songs in some aspect. Go figure.

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