It’s not that often when metal creeps its way into mainstream pop culture. So when metal/hard rock acts do actually pop up in beloved sitcoms, dramatic films, cartoons or even reality series, it’s kind of awesome. So in the weekly column Remember When, Metal Insider recalls the most random instances of metal’s elite appearing in front of the camera.

Ah, the 90s. It was a time when a frontman from a band like Type O Negative could appear nude in Playgirl Magazine AND on daytime tabloid talk shows.

While the late Peter Steele would go on to admit he’d somewhat regret appearing as a nude centerfold of Playgirl in 1995, it did help lead to some TV opportunities. Most notably was an appearance on The Jerry Springer Show that same year. Appearing on a segment titled “Sexy Groupie Girls Tell All,” Steele talked about his centerfold appearance and … well, groupies. He’s even joined during the interview with one groupie he was, let’s just say, rather familiar with (and who had a Type O Negative tattoo).

At one point, Steele tells Springer about an incident where a young lady came to his home on Christmas Eve wearing only red high heels and a Santa hat, only he wasn’t actually home and the naked fan was greeted by his mother instead. “She asked for me, and my mother said, ‘Well, Pete’s not home, and you’re going to catch pneumonia,” recalls Steele.

However, Steele’s appearance on The Jerry Springer Show seems rather tame compared to the time he paid a visit to The Ricki Lake Show in 1996. During this appearance, Steele meets a female fan who has a major crush on him, so much so she wants to “take that jet-black hair, and wrap it around her body,” as Lake repeats to him. “That could be arranged,” retorts Steele. No confirmation if that ever was actually arranged, but Steele and the fan ended up having a nice little makeout session after (for some reason) the show had them end the segment by posing in front of a blue screen of a waterfall while sharing a glass of champagne (which Steele is disappointed isn’t real).

As we still try to fathom how it’s been seven years since Steele passed away, take a look back at the Type O Negative’s beloved sense of humor by watching his appearances on both The Jerry Springer Show and The Ricki Lake Show below.