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New & Noteworthy is a weekly column in which we highlight some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week is a pretty big one and features releases from Nothing More and The Contortionist, as well as the debut album from Prophets of Rage. If you would like to check out last week’s New & Noteworthy, you can do so here. You can check out last week’s sales numbers in Metal By Numbers. Epica leads up the heavy debuts, with Paradise Lost slightly beating out their previous release.  Follow us on Spotify, we have cake.

Studio Releases

Nothing More, The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Better Noise)

The Stories We Tell Ourselves is the fifth full length album from Texas’ Nothing More. Is the first release through the label, although did did re-release their last album when they were signed. Just like their previous release, this too was produced by vocalist Jonny Hawkins and the band. The band has filmed a music video for the track “Go to War,” and three more lyric videos for the songs “Don’t Stop,” “Who We Are” and “Just Say When.” This is the first album to feature drummer Ben Anderson, although the position has been a revolving door since Hawkins took over as the vocalist back in 2008. Tonight they are playing Riot Fest in Chicago, but they will also be touring North America until late November. After that they will be heading off to Europe to finish off the year. I was fortunate enough to see them on tour last year, and they were fantastic. The album is also available on vinyl.

Prophets Of Rage, Prophets Of Rage (Prophets Of Rage/Concord)

Last year members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill the formation of a rap/rock supergroup that was to follow in the footsteps of highly politically charged music of Rage Against the Machine. They released The Party’s Over EP and have been a big hit as major festivals since. Now they have released their first full length album, Prophets of Rage. Leading up to the release of the album, the band released four music videos, including one directed by famous documentarian Michael Moore. Those are “Radical Eyes,” “Prophets of Rage,” and “Living on the 110,” with “Unfuck the World” being directed by  Moore. The group also make an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonrecently to perform “Living on the 110.” PoR will be playing a few more shows in the U.S. this year before heading to Europe in November. The album is also available on vinyl.

Personally, I find myself siding with Pitchfork and AV Club on their interpretation of the group and their music. It comes off as an uninspired cash-grab, and more of an advertisement for social progression than anything actually meaningful.

The Contortionist, Clairvoyant (eOne Music)

Clairvoyant is the fourth studio album from the American progressive metal group The Contortionist. They have released two music videos leading up to today, “Return to Earth” and “Reimagined” The Contortionist decided to once again work with producer Jamie King (BtBaM, Devin Townsend Project, Ayreon), who also produced their critically praised 2014 release Language. They are going to be touring the U.S. starting late this month, playing alongside Between the Buried and Me. The album is also available on vinyl.

Ensiferum, Two Paths (Metal Blade)

Two Paths is the seventh studio album from the Finish folk metal group Ensiferum. They have release one music video so far, “Way of the Warrior.”  This album is the first feature Netta Skog (Turisas) on the electric accordion, who replaced keyboarder keybordi keyboardist Emmi Silvennoinen in 2016. In a making-of the album video, the band remarks that they do not think the fans will be expecting the change, but they appear shockingly optimistic about the inclusion of an accordion. Check out her videos on YouTube, they’re really entertaining and sidetracked me really while writing this. They currently have no North American tour dates announced, but will be playing throughout Europe for the rest of the year. Two Paths is available on vinyl.

Caligula’s Horse, In Contact (InsideOut Music)

In Contact is the fourth studio from the Brisbane, Australia progressive metal group Caligula’s Horse. They have released two music videos, “Will’s Song (Let the Colours Run), and just yesterday “Songs for No One.” The album is the first to feature drummer Josh Griffin and guitarist Adrian Goleby, who joined the band in 2016 and 17 respectively. In Contact album is currently only available digitally, but will be able in physical formats next week.


Belphegor, Totenritual (Nuclear Blast)
Blackfinger, When Colors Fade Away (M-Theory Audio)
Dyscarnate, With All Their Might (Unique Leader)
Enisum, Seasons Of Desolation (Avantgarde)
Foo Fighters, Concrete and Gold (Roswell/RCA)
Fleshkiller, Awaken (Facedown Records)
Gigan, Undulating Waves Of Rainbiotic Iridescence (Willowtip)
Myrkur, Mareridt (Relapse)
SOiL, Scream: The Essentials (Pavement Entertainment/AFM Records)
Squalus, The Great Fish (Translation Loss)
Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross, The Vietnam War (Score) (UMe)
Vattnet, Vattnet (New Damage)
Wode, Servants Of The Countercosmos (Avantgarde)

Vinyl Releases

Darkthrone, Dark Thrones And Black Flags (Peaceville)
Pandemonium, Devilri (Nuclear War Now)
Paradise Lost, Live At The Roundhouse (Century Media)
Whitechapel, The Somatic Defilement (Metal Blade)

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