Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
This week is a bit quieter on the metal front compared to last week’s charts, and from what we can expect next week. The only metal/hard rock album to debut in the top 200, unless you count Megadeth’s new live album, is Stone Sour’s newest release Audio Secrecy. It might not have made as big of a splash as more recent metal releases, or compared to Corey Taylor and James Root’s other band, but ranking in at #6 is by no means an easy feat to reach, and it makes for two heavy albums in the top 6.

Notable Debuts:
Stone Sour, Audio Secrecy (Roadrunner) #6, 46,000 sold.
Audio Secrecy may be neither Stone Sour’s highest ranking or selling record to date (that honor goes to their sophomore album Come What(ever) May), but it’s still a very impressive first week for the band.

Megadeth, Rust in Peace – Live (Shout Factory) #146, 3,000 sold.
Even though Megadeth usually brings in higher sales, this is a pretty high seller for a live album (let alone one that is Rust In Peace, but live). The DVD and Blu Ray should do better.

Notable Sales:
Disturbed, Asylum (Reprise) #5, 57,200 sold.
A 68% decrease in second week still keeps the band in the top five.

Avenged Sevenfold, Nightmare (Warner Bros.) #21, 14,000 sold
Mike Portnoy may not want fans blame Avenged Sevenfold for his recent decision, but it definitely will make people wonder about the band’s next possible move.

Iron Maiden, The Final Frontier (UMe) #45, 7,500 sold
Iron Maiden passes the 100,000 mark in their fourth week on the charts.

10 Years, Feeding the Wolves (Universal) #56, 6,400 sold
A 67% decrease is enough to kick 10 Years out of the top fifty in their second weeks on the charts.

Five Finger Death Punch, War is the Answer (Prospect Park) #66, 5,500 sold
They may be opening for Godsmack this Fall, but they continue to pull headliner sales.

Godsmack, Oracle (Universal) #70, 5,400 sold
After nineteen weeks, Godsmack still remains in the top 70.

Papa Roach, Time for Annihilation…On the Road and On the Record (Eleven Seven) #72, 5,300 sold
I’m sure Papa Roach isn’t too scarred from the 67% decrease. What makes that joke even worse is that I already used it before. But like Papa Roach, who cares?

The Devil Wears Prada, Zombie EP (Ferret) #87, 4,600 sold
A 41% decrease sees this EP slipping off fast.

Apocalyptica, 7th Symphony (Jive) #101, 4,200 sold
Kicked out of the top 100 in their third week by just one ranking. Ouch!

AC/DC, AC/DC: Iron Man 2 (Columbia) #109, 3,800 sold
I suddenly have the weird image of Iron Man wearing a school boy outfit…..please help me.

Ozzy Osbourne, Scream (Epic) #120, 3,500 sold
After 12 weeks on the charts, Ozzy finally slips out of the top 100.

Hellyeah, Stampede (Epic) #122, 3,500 sold
The $5 sale over at Amazon can only keep this album floating around the charts for so long.

Black Label Society, Order of the Black (E1) #123, 3,400 sold
Why should Hellyeah be the only beer guzzlers on the charts?!

Korn, Korn III: Remember Who You Are (Roadrunner) #127, 3,400 sold
Luckily for Korn, they will be co-headlining Ozzfest in the U.K. and Israel with Ozzy. Unfortunately, that won’t do crap in regards to helping them on the U.S. Charts.

Motley Crue, Greatest Hits (Motley Records) #145, 3,000 sold
I could talk crap about how Motley Crue’s hits package is still selling, but I’ll let Vince Neil shit on his band members instead.

Murderdolls, Women and Children Last (Roadrunner) #161, 2,700 sold
A 69% decrease sees their sophomore album fall 119 positions down the charts…damn! Thankfully their upcoming tour with Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper is just around the corner.

Buckcherry, All Night Long (Eleven Seven) #171, 2,600 sold
In case you rreeaallllllllyy care, Buckcherry is on the road with Nickelback at the moment.

Bullet For My Valentine, Fever (Jive) #187, 2,500 sold
In their twentieth week, BFMV has sold past 202,000.

Blind Guardian, At the Edge of Time (Nuclear Blast) 1,100 sold
Unless I am mistaken, Blind Guardian is the best selling German Power metal band of the week.

We Came As Romans, To Plant A Seed (Equal Vision) 800 sold
Another 26% increase for the Metal By Numbers staple.

Kataklysm, Heaven’s Venom (Nuclear Blast) 630 sold
Another 25% decrease for the French Canadians.

Within the Ruins, Invade (Victory) 600 sold
A 70% decrease for the post metalcore band’s second week.

Comeback Kid, Symptoms + Cures (Victory) 530 sold
The band has just posted a video clip online of them answering questions sent via Twitter.

Cephalic Carnage, Misled by Certainty (Relapse) 500 sold
A 60% decrease for the grindcore veterans.

In Fear and Faith, Imperial 480 sold
After being absent from the charts for two weeks, In Fear & Faith return with a 61% increase.

Boris & Ian Astbury, BXI (Southern Lord) 460 sold
This supergroup is slowly rising in sales, with an extra 19% increase in their fourth week.

The Showdown, Blood in the Gears (Solid State) 450 sold
It appears that the band was forced to cancel a few shows, including one in Corbin, KY on September 11 and Danville, IL on September 12, for circumstances out of their control.

Woe, Is Me, Number[s] (Velocity/Rise) 430 sold
A 74% decrease in their second week leads me to believe that maybe their cover of “Tik Tok” really was the thing that attracted such good sales in their first week.

Pierce The Veil, Selfish Machines (Equal Vision), 400 sold
The band has sold just below 16,000 in 12 weeks.

How to Destroy Angels, How to Destroy Angels (The Null Corporation) 350 sold
I know this has more to do with Trent Reznor than his side project, but has anyone check out The Social Network’s official movie website? It features a taste of the score Reznor did for the film. That or it’s just weird electric noises…actually that could be the same thing.

Volbeat, Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood 330 sold
After a long absence, Volbeat’s 2008 album makes a return to the charts. Maybe people are buying it in anticipation of Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (which comes out on October 9)?