Metal By Numbers 3/17: Demon Hunter Score Biggest Debut

Posted by on March 17, 2010

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week as well as what’s getting played at metal radio courtesy of radio trade magazine FMQB, whose metal panel consists of about 80 college and commercial stations that have metal shows, as well as SiriusXM, Music Choice, and more.

Unlike last week, a lot of new metal releases just came out. But the most impressive debut came from Demon Hunter’s fifth album World Is A Thorn, which ranked at #38 this week and sold over 13,900 copies. This is a great debut for any metal band, Christian or not. Demon Hunter also was FMQB’s most added at metal radio, while thrash legends Overkill topped FMQB’s top ten at metal radio.

Notable Debuts:

Demon Hunter, World Is A Thorn (Solid State) #38 13,900 sold
Just straight up impressive. Great debut!

Serj Tankian, Elect The Dead Symphony (Serjical Strike, Reprise) #190 2,750 sold
Not such a strong debut for Tankian’s collaboration with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. But keep in mind, live albums don’t always do the best.

Dark Tranquillity, We Are The Void (Century) 2,150 sold
Their 9th studio album is off to a solid start.

Eluveitie, Everything Remains (Nuclear Blast) 1,600 sold
They are this week’s highest Pagan Metal release.

Immolation, Majesty and Decay (Nuclear Blast) 1,400 sold
Not bad for the band’s 8th studio album.

Daughters, Daughters (Hydra Head) 860 sold
Alright for a band that doesn’t plan to tour behind it. Apparently, it’ll be their last album as well.

Finntroll, Nifelvind (Century Media) 750 sold
Impressive, but still not this week’s highest Folk Metal release. We premiered the song “Under Bergets Rot” before the album’s release.

White Wizzard, Over The Top (Earache) 700 sold
They released a pretty a kick ass video for the title track to this album.

Acrassicauda, Only The Dead See The End Of The War (Vice Records) 650 sold
The Iraqi metal band does pretty well with it’s debut EP.

Rotting Christ, Aeola (Season Of Mist) 420 sold
A little small for the Greek Death Metal band, but still alright.

Notable Sales:

Rob Zombie, Hellbilly Deluxe 2: (Loud and Proud/Roadrunner) #101 5,700 sold
A 27% decrease from last week, but still pretty good.

Alice In Chains, Black Gives Way To Blue (Virgin) #105 5,560 sold
This album keeps going and going!

Them Crooked Vultures, Them Crooked Vultures (DGC/Interscope) #110 5,400 sold
Another album that is steadily selling.

Slipknot, All Hope is Gone (Roadrunner) #145 3,900 sold
Their new single “Snuff” is helping increase sales.

Five Finger Death Punch, War Is The Answer (Prospect Park) #148 3,900 sold
This album just keeps selling. And Mayhem Fest will further help sales I’m sure.

Motley Crue, Greatest Hits (Motley Records) #168 3,300 sold
They might as well put out a box set of all the Greatest Hit packages they release.

Mudvayne, Mudvayne (Epic) #171 3,300 sold
A 14% decrease from last week. Still pretty impressive.

Carnifex, Hell Chose Me (Victory) 1,100 sold
Still holding up a few weeks later.

Overkill, Ironbound (E1) 1,000 sold
The NJ thrash titans are still hanging in there.

We Came As Romans, To Plant A Seed (Equal Vision) 850 sold
Just a little less than last week.

Bring Me The Horizon, Suicide Season (Epitaph) 710 sold
Guess people are still buying this record. Beats us who though.

Attack Attack!, Someday Came Suddenly (Rise) 600 sold
Okay seriously, who is buying this?!

Mutiny Within, Mutiny Within (Roadrunner) 520 sold
Only a 25% drop this week. Not bad.

Fozzy, Chasing the Grail (Riot Entertainment) 430 sold
Impressive, especially for a WWE Superstar.

FMQB Most Added:

1. Demon Hunter, World Is A Thorn (Solid State) 40 adds
2. Fireball Ministry, Fireball Ministry (Restricted Release) 32 adds
3. White Wizzard, Over The Top (Earache) 32 adds
4. The Breathing Process, Odyssey (Un)dead (Candlelight) 30 adds
5. Gamma Ray, To The Metal (EarMusic) 28 adds

FMQB Top Ten:

1. Overkill, Ironbound (E1)
2. High On Fire, Snakes For The Divine (E1)
3. Fear Factory, Mechanize (Candlelight)
4. Living Sacrifice, The Infinite Order (Solid State)
5. Fozzy, Chasing The Grail (Riot Entertainment)
6. Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Skepsis (Prosthetic)
7. The Dillinger Escape Plan, Option Paralysis (Party Smasher Inc./Season Of Mist)
8. Wrath & Rapture, Wrath & Rapture (Tragic Hero)
9. Various, God Of War EP (Roadrunner)
10. Rob Zombie, Hellbilly Deluxe 2 (Loud and Proud/Roadrunner)

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