Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
It’s no secret that a lot of bands are hurting right now. Granted, lots of people everywhere are hurting right now, financially, emotionally, and physically. But as this is a column about record sales, I’m talking specifically about bands that make their living with the constant cycle of record, release, tour, repeat. A slew of tours have been cancelled, which you already know, but you’ve also probably seen many bands pushing merch or even straight-up asking for fans to give them money. It’s a tough spot to be in especially since a lot of fans might want to give, but aren’t in the position to do so right now. If you’re in such a position, I’d suggest simply spreading word of music you’ve been enjoying lately. Leave a rating/review on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, whatever platform you use. Go on Facebook or Twitter and recommend some bands for people to listen to while they stay home. It might not seem like much, but I think most people agree sharing music that you enjoy is one of life’s simple pleasures.
Notable Debuts:
Code Orange, Underneath (Roadrunner)
Debut #13
4,925 sold
Code Orange’s fourth album marks the band’s best debut to date.
Invent, Animate, Greyview (Tragic Hero)
Debut #50
1,325 sold
The band’s third album didn’t quite outdo the debut of its predecessor.
Stitched Up Heart, Darkness (Another Century)
Debut #84
880 sold
This didn’t do nearly as well as the band’s 2016 debut.
Human Impact, Human Impact (Ipecac)
Debut #176
430 sold
This is the debut album from the new group fronted by Chris Spencer (Unsane).
Dark Fortress, Spectres From The Old World(Century Media)
330 sold
The band’s eighth album is its first in six years.
Motives, Death Throes (Smartpunk)
300 sold
This is the band’s second album.
White Stones, Kuarahy (Nuclear Blast)
250 sold
This is the debut album from the new band formed by bassist Martín Méndez (Opeth).
Ruin Lust, Choir of Babel (20 Buck Spin)
220 sold
This is the band’s third album.
Huntsmen, Mandala Of Fear(Prosthetic)
200 sold
This is the band’s second album.
Fotocrime, South of Heaven(Profound Lore)
200 sold
This is the second album from the band fronted by Ryan Patterson (Coliseum)
Afterbirth, Four Dimensional Flesh(Unique Leader)
180 sold
 This is the band’s second album.
Sutrah, Aletheia (Artisan Era)
130 sold
This is the band’s first EP.
Kings Of Dust, Kings Of Dust(Vanity)
130 sold
This debut features former members of Badlands and Red Dragon Cartel.
Notable Sales:
Five Finger Death Punch, F8(Better Noise)
#17 (from 5)
4,550 sold
A 52% drop.
Ozzy Osbourne, Ordinary Man (Epic)
#18 (from 10)
4,525 sold
A 43% drop.
Tool, Fear Inoculum (Tool Dissectional LLC/Volcano)
#45 (from 56)
1,400 sold
A 28% drop.

Body Count, Carnivore(Century Media)
#57 (from 28)
1,175 sold

A 69% second week drop.





Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody(Hollywood)
#77 (from 75)
950 sold
A 33% drop.
Breaking Benjamin, Aurora (Hollywood)
#100 (from 88)
730 sold
A 35% drop.
Slipknot, We Are Not Your Kind (Roadrunner)
#118 (from 92)
630 sold
A 41% boost.

The Amity Affliction, Everyone Loves You…Once You Leave Them (Pure Noise)
#161 (from 126)
450 sold

A 39% drop.





Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Greatest Hits(Sony Legacy)
#162 (from 147)
450 sold
A 33% drop.
Skillet, Victorious(Atlantic)
#169 (from 166)
440 sold
A 29% drop.
My Dying Bride, The Ghost Of Orion (Nuclear Blast)
#172 (from 64)
440 sold
A 69% drop in week two.
The Hu, The Gereg(Eleven Seven)
#178 (re-entry)
430 sold
This is has a chart position again even though it sold less than last week.

Demons & Wizards, III (Century Media)
320 sold

A 54% drop.


Burning Witches, Dance With The Devil (Nuclear Blast)
250 sold
A 60% drop.
Kvelertak, Splid (Rise)
240 sold
This got boosted back up by a whopping 126%.
Black Swan, Shake The World (Frontiers)
220 sold
A 51% drop.
Pathology, Reborn To Kill (Pavement)
220 sold
A 50% drop.
Intronaut, Fluid Existential Inversions (Metal Blade)
200 sold
A 58% drop.
Jinjer, Macro(Napalm)
180 sold
A 2% boost.
Sons of Apollo, MMXX(Inside Out)
130 sold
A 42% drop.