Dissident Aggression: Reproacher Has Nothing To Save

Posted by on May 31, 2013

Whether we realize it or not, music triggers something primal inside us.  Music has the power to trigger a broad spectrum of emotions from ultimate bliss to complete depression.  Sometimes the right music cuts even deeper and touches us at our most animalistic core.   One listen to Wyoming’s Reproacher and you may feel a highly primitive and completely uncontrollable desire to simply destroy everything beautiful around you.

Reproacher play a hybrid of crust/powerviolence, doom, and hardcore.  But there’s is a brand of metal that makes it tough to truly pinpoint where in the Metal Pantheon they’d fall closest.  One minute they’re drowning the listener in sludgy goodness (see the track “Ballast”) that could see them being the perfect tour partner for bands like Electric Wizard or Cult of Luna and the next instant they are blasting your face off with the kind of His Hero Is Gone inspired crust that will have you tearing down those monuments to thieves with your bare hands – sometimes all in the same track (see the track “Marginal Being”).

Whatever you want to label it and no matter how fast or slow they are playing it, Reproacher are angry.   This is venomous, yet empowering music, so wrought with piss and vinegar they should probably include your bail money or at least the name of a good lawyer in the packaging.  Because inevitably you are going to get so fired up listening to it that bad things are going to happen, most likely to people who deserve it.

Nothing To Save was self-released back in March.  You can get a glimpse of the audio carnage at the Reproacher Bandcamp page.  You can also buy the album from them directly as they tour pretty much the entire U.S. this Summer with fellow musical annihilators, Primitive Man.

Metal Homework:
Despite the fact that they would be distributed through Metal Blade and that they would see two albums reissued by Relapse it would appear that most people still do not know, or at least know well enough, Dead Horse.  That’s a problem.  I highly recommend you go invest some time in discovering a band that really did defy genres and, frankly, was way ahead of their time.

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