Dissident Aggression: Curse The Son – Isolator

Posted by on April 15, 2016

The history of doom metal is one that runs deep and basically parallel with metal itself. From the first lumbering notes that emanated from Tony Iommi’s fret board, doom metal has been able to trace its roots right back to the genesis of it all. While it may have waxed and waned in popularity over the years and bands have been taking it on wild rides into uncharted territories for as long as anyone can remember, there are still those acts that play their doom metal the way the great progenitors of the genre laid down the blueprint for. One act that is doing their part in keeping traditional doom metal alive and well in their neck of the woods is Connecticut’s Curse The Son.

It’s been a roughly three-year hiatus since we’ve heard any recorded material from CT’s most powerful of power trios. But with new album, Isolator, firmly in hand, it’s safe to say that this band is ready to up the ante. Isolator is not just the best thing Curse The Son has produced since their debut was dropped back in 2011, but it may just go down as one of the best doom records you’re going to experience this year.

This album begins and ends with meaty, catchy riffs, soaring vocals, and a pummeling rhythm section. Front man, and sole original member, Ron Vanacore successfully allows his guitar work and vocals to battle for top billing throughout the album. With riffs for days that just absolutely slay, Vanacore does well to carry the legacy of all the great doom riff mongers that came before. His vocals, clean throughout, may be the closest link to all the great 70s proto-metal that helped build the genre, and keep getting named dropped whenever this album is mentioned in metal circles. This guy doesn’t just carry a tune when need be. He picks it up and tosses it head first into the storm. Meanwhile the rhythm section of Michael Petrucci on drums and Brendan Keefe on bass set the tone with a rumbling cacophony heavy enough to uproot a forest, melt iron, pillage any surrounding hamlets, and any other clichés you want to toss around. Simply put this band not only writes songs that will stick to your ribs, but can be crushing in so many ways when they want to be.

From the ripping title-track that opens this beast to the more dirge-like highlights, such as “Alslamlento” and “Side Effects May Include…” Curse The Son have graced us with an album that fans of such acts as varied as Sleep, Trouble, and Sir Lord Baltimore can safely get behind and embrace as one of their own without hesitation.

Isolator is out now and can be experienced/purchased at the Curse The Son Bandcamp page.

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