There was a brief point in musical history where the worlds of rock and metal were one.  Bands like Judas Priest, Diamond Head, and Witchfinder General straddled that line before finally breaking away to help formulate new and exciting musical territory.  But somewhere between the Budgies and the Iron Maidens of this world there lived a magical place where Rock N’ Roll got dirty and dangerous before fully transforming like a musical werewolf into the best we know today in broad terms as “metal”.  There are bands that attempt to live in that place, that moment in time.  Few of them do it with such ease and success as Pittsburgh’s Carousel.

You could sit here for hours and prattle on about what influences Carousel are pulling from – the aforementioned bands in the previous paragraph along with the likes of Mountain, Atomic Rooster, Blue Cheer, Leafhound, Cactus, etc., etc., etc.  But rehashing the glories of heroes long-departed isn’t going to give you the full flavor of the drink.  Only tasting it will and if this album was a libation you’d be drunk within mere seconds.  It’s a throwback, sure.  But it’s anything but some paint-by-numbers replica of what used to be.  Carousel deliver the goods on their own terms and in a way that not only has one foot in the past but the other firmly secured in the future.

Jeweler’s Daughter is Carousel’s debut for Tee Pee Records (and truly there isn’t a better match right now between band and label).  Front man Dave Wheeler has a voice that cuts through the rock cliches with a Blues player’s ethos and his guitar playing alongside second guitarist, Chris Tritschler is stellar.  If you’re have a hunger for twin harmonies that seethe sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll then you’ve set yourself down and the right table.  It’s truly a shame that a record that rocks so hard and so good probably won’t get the commercial radio airplay it would have got 25-30 years ago.  Regardless, it’s imperative you grab yourself a copy of this album, rent or buy (or steal) some 70’s American muscle car and drive as fast as possible into the night with these songs screaming out the open windows.  You’ll be a better person for it.

Jeweler’s Daughter will hit the streets via Tee Pee on August 20.  In the meantime check out the title track over at their Soundcloud page.