Dissident Aggression: Bedroom Rehab Corp. & Grizzlor

Posted by on October 2, 2015

By the looks of it the month of October is shaping up to be quite the ripper as a litany of bands are gearing up to release some highly anticipated albums. Not to be outdone, the tiny state of Connecticut is about to unleash some big-sounding releases onto the metal landscape this month. Here’s a look at two of those releases, from New London’s Bedroom Rehab Corporation and New Haven’s Grizzlor.


Somewhere between the smoke-filled halls of doom metal and the riotous backyard party of noise rock lives Connecticut’s Bedroom Rehab Corporation. Made up of only drums and bass this two-piece creates a sound thicker and meatier than most five-piece bands can muster. Bassist, Adam Wujtewicz, employs a veritable army of peddles and effects that allow his bass sound/lines to take walks into the darkness and down to the Blues-tinged crossroads where most doom bands tend to sell their souls to Black Sabbath and the like. Drummer, Meghan Killimade, consistently lays down the load-bearing foundation in which Wujtewicz is able to build grand palaces in honor of fuzzed out riffs. Bedroom Rehab  Corporation is set to independently release their new four-song EP, Fortunate Some, and for fans of their debut album, 2013’s Red Over Red, there’s a lot to like here. The crown jewel of this beast is the track “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” which really showcases this band’s ability to write head-bobbing, catchy-as-hell, doom metal. It’s the type of track you’ll be singing the chorus to for hours on end and would be worth the purchase as a stand alone track, yet luckily we are gifted three other worthy additions. Fortunate Some hits the streets on vinyl only beginning October 3. You can listen to the aforementioned “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” at the Bedroom Rehab Corporation Bandcamp page.


Did someone mention noise rock and fuzzed out riffs? Allow us to (re)introduce you to the three-piece riot act collectively known as Grizzlor. In their relatively short time together, Grizzlor has maintained a pretty steady output of riotous outbursts, including a downright nasty split with Norway’s Barren Womb. This month they return with a seven song, 7″ entitled Cycloptic. While the mythical creature this EP is named after may have had singular vision, the singular vision of Grizzlor on these tracks is to smack you right in the mouth and steal your beer and weed in the process. Grizzlor pull no punches. Their blend of noise rock with elements of everything from sludge to grunge is potent in both its attack and the impression it leaves. Tracks like “Tommy” and album-opener “Sundays Are Stupid” seem to brand themselves to that dark part of the human psyche that craves the animalistic destruction of all things pure and innocent. This time around Grizzlor has teamed up with Hex Records out of Syracuse for this release. The due date is “late October” but for now you can listen to the track “War Machine” at the Hex Records Bandcamp page.

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