Dissident Aggression: Baptists Deliver An Unholy Debut

Posted by on February 15, 2013

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There is a masochistic side to being a metal fan.  Sometimes you just want a band to grab you by the throat and punch you square in the mouth.  You want to be sonically pummeled.  Well if you are ever looking for a beating you could do worse than to pick up the debut full length album from Vancouver’s Baptists.

Don’t let their holy moniker fool you.  Baptists are a brutal assault to the senses coming at you with a hybrid of crust, d-beat, hardcore, punk and even a little doom and grind peppered in there for good measure.  Looking for a reference point?  Try His Hero Is Gone meets Disrupt meets Kiss It Goodbye.  But Baptists are not just the sum of their influences.  They’ve managed to carve out a very unique brand of crusty blackness for themselves and their new album, Bushcraft, is bound to set them apart from a lot of other bands of this fashion.  Although this album has the occasional slow down this band is at their best when they are blasting away like a white-knuckled, out of control, roller coaster ride.  The aura this album gives off is the same as a rabid animal – highly unpredictable and completely dangerous.

Baptists are now signed to the mighty Southern Lord, and Bushcraft is set for a February 19th release. You have been duly warned.


Metal Homework:
While we are talking about killer crust bands raise your hand if you remember a band out of New Mexico called Logical Nonsense.  I’m guessing not many hands went up.  At one point signed to Alternative Tentacles, Logical Nonsense put out two amazing full-length albums, the last one being the forgotten classic, Expand The Hive.  Head over to 666DaysofMetal.com for a more complete write up on the album and to hear a track off the record.

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