Amplified: XII Boar are Pitworthy, and then some

Posted by on March 6, 2015

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Sometimes we just need our metal bands to take us back to a simpler, hairier time for loud music. XII Boar is here to do just that. The UK band delivers “hard rockin’, jaw droppin’, body poppin’ southern-fried grooves” in their own words, and that couldn’t be more true. Check out “Rock City” below, from their upcoming record Pitworthy – it’s as stripped-down and grizzly as you could want. The three-piece act brings fuzzed-out bass, noisy guitars, and an almost GWAR-like vocal delivery to the table. It’s all delivered with a bit of tongue in cheek humor, with barked lyrics about being loud and proud, and, well…gettin’ it on. Like I said, straightfoward. Their sense of humor is what really sets XII Boar apart, but some big ol’ riffs will keep your attention once they draw you in.


Look for Pitworthy on March 9th – if you like “Rock City,” you won’t have long to wait for the rest!

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